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 Issue 1 - February 2017 


Welcome to our first welfare and benevolence newsletter.  The aim of this newsletter is to make you aware of how we are assisting our soldiers, veterans including our antecedent veterans and their families.  We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported The Rifles and Care for Casualties over the last 10 years, your support is hugely appreciated by The Regiment and all those who benefit from the various activities you do. 

Benevolence Grants

Every year The Rifles Benevolent Trust assists thousands of serving and ex-serving members of The Rifles and their antecedent and forming Regiments, their wives, widows or other dependents who find themselves in need of assistance.   In 2016 The Rifles Benevolent Trust responded to 534 applications providing grants totaling approximately £312,000.

The Rifles receive a diversity of requests for assistance and each application assessed on a case by case basis. 2016 has seen an increase in applications for training, household goods, priority debts and hardship requests.  Wherever possible we provide as much assistance as possible since it is clear how beneficial and life changing these grants can be. The Rifles know that helping someone to re-train will benefit an individual and their family now, offering enduring future stability.  If you feel that you may be in need of assistance, whether you’re serving or retired, then please log onto our website at  The site contains a wealth of information and crucially your points of contact together with an explanation of the steps you need to take if you require support or advice. 

Care for Casualties was initiated in early 2009 to raise funds in order to assist those members of the Rifles Regimental family who were found to be in need, arising predominantly as a result of the Regiment’s almost continuous involvement in enduring operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Care for Casualties provides the severely wounded, their families and the families of our fallen Riflemen the support, the inspiration and the means to rebuild their lives and make the best of their futures in wider society.  In 2016 we awarded grants totaling £42,776.  We have assisted with grants for a range of needs including home adaptations, exercise bikes, gym memberships, re-training and adventure training. If you know of anyone who needs our help please get in touch using the contact details below 

Battalion Fundraising

A Company, 3 RIFLES have just complered a sponsored walk from Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh, to Sunderland, covering 126 miles of rugged terrain in five days at a pace of 25.2 miles per day. The current total raised stands at £1,320.00

Introducing some of our Fundraisers and the amazing things they have achieved

Room with a View – Snowdon challenge organised by Paul Corcoran who decided to get a group of people together to climb Snowdon and set up a living room at the very top.  Despite the awful weather they achieved their aim and raised a whopping £6500 for C4C.


I wish to offer a huge thank you to all our amazing fundraisers who have been out and about raising money for The Rifles C4C appeal. To give an idea of the efforts made by so many kind and supportive individuals I have included a couple example to the right but there are many many more. For more on these stories and others log on to our Website
If you are fundraising for C4C we would love to know your story but most of all we want to thank you for all your support so please get in touch using the contact details below. 

Saraya Fawcett completed the Leeds 10K challenge and raised a fantastic £350.


Miss Elizabeth Kite sadly passed away in late 2015 without family or other beneficiaries. Miss Kite kindly gifted her estate to the Regiment as her father, Thomas Morris Kite, born in 1894 in Clapham was a member of the Rifle Brigade, joining in 1914 aged just 20.  In consultation with the Management Committee of the Royal Green Jackets it was agreed that this bequest was appropriate to The Rifles Benevolent Trust which due to its support of the forming and antecedent Regiments would ensure that the funds received from this bequest would be seen to be supporting those in need from the Rifle Brigade and Its successor Regiments.  The will has yet to be finalised but the sum which will benefit the Regiments Benevolent Trust has been advised to be in excess of £216,000.


Last year we said a sad farewell to our Regimental Casualty Officer Lt Col Mike Smith (Retd), Mike did a stirling job in providing support to the bereaved families of our Fallen and the casualties and their families arising from operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Throughout his six years Mike gave freely of his time and energy to ensure the delivery of the best support to those in need. On behalf of the Rifles we would like to wish him all the very best in whatever he decides to do next. 
We also say farewell to Di Foster (C4C support) who decided to leave at the end of last year, Di has made a fantastic contribution over the last 6 years and so on behalf of everyone at the Regimental Headquarters would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work and commitment and wish her the very best for the future.


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Dear Chairmen & Secretaries

Those of you who were at the RGJA (Main) meeting in Winchester on Friday 25th November will remember that the meeting was briefly addressed by Lt Col (Retd) John Poole-Warren the Regimental Secretary of The Rifles.

In general he spoke about the future of The Rifles Regimental Association and its planned geographical set-up based on forming regimental areas. In particular however, he spoke about his hopes of establishing better and closer ties between The Rifles and RGJA through a number of shared activities bound by our common traits and ethos.

One of the activities he went on to expound on was The Rifles Freedom of Winchester Parade which is planned to be held on the morning of the 8th July 2017 and exercised by approximately 120 Riflemen from The Rifles. As this was coincidently going to be on the same day as our Veterans Reunion he concluded by inviting the RGJA to participate in the Freedom Parade with a marching contingent of 100 veterans.

Plans for the parade are still being formalised and therefore specific timings and other events within the parade cannot yet be confirmed. However a planning meeting will be held towards the end of February 2017 after which more details will be made available. I will be the RGJA representative and POC for our association at that meeting and will pass on the confirmed detail to branches in due course.

In the meantime I can at least give you a rough ‘heads up’ on how the parade is to be conducted based on the information given todate (All TBC).

The Parade

09.00. Participants assemble in the external range car park at SJM Barracks (TBC).

09.15. Bused to a Parade Assembly Point in Winchester (TBC)

10.00. Parade commences (TBC).

The parade will consist of a march from the Main Assembly Point to a position adjacent to the KRRC Memorial just outside the Cathedral for a short Service of Dedication/Turning of the Pages. This will be followed by a march through the city. The Band & Bugles of The Rifles will accompany the parade. The event will conclude with a reception with city officials. Invitation to attend the reception by RGJA members is TBC.

12.00. Bused back to the car park at SJM Barracks. One return lift only! If participants decide to stay in Winchester after the parade they will have to organise their own return to SJM. RGJA members invited to the city reception after the parade will be mini bused back to the ATR.


Branches are asked to advertise this event throughout their membership asp and submit numbers (no names) wishing to take part to me by the 18th February 2017.

Based on the numbers I get from each branch a pro rata selection will be made to make up the 100. Branches will then be informed of the number of marchers they have been allocated. 

Individual branches will be left to decide who within their branch should be allocated a marching place and inform them accordingly.

It is anticipated (and hoped if attending) that Jake Cheetham will be the Contingent Marching Commander.


This is a golden opportunity for us as members of a once proud regiment to show and remind the young Riflemen of The Rifles from whom their inheritance was obtained, and to demonstrate and publically reaffirm our long association with the city of Winchester. It is essential therefore that all participants in the parade dress to a high standard of uniformity. For example nothing less than:

  •   Beret or Side Hat
  •   Rifle Green Regimental Blazer (buttons done up)
  •   White Shirt (no other colour will be accepted)
  •   Regimental Tie (OBLI/KRRC/RB/RGJ/RIFLES)
  •   Charcoal Grey or Black Slacks (Trousers)
  •   Medals (only those awarded to the individual wearing them)


As already mentioned the actual route and distance of the parade is not known at this point. However it is worth reminding everyone that Winchester is more than a bit ‘hilly’ and therefore some might find marching around it a bit trying to say the least. I would suggest therefore that anyone who has a mobility problem requiring walking sticks, crutches or a wheelchair save their ‘marching’ for the Veterans Reunion March Past at SJM Barracks in the afternoon. Only those who feel they are capable of marching the route without falling over in a dribbling mess or dying of cardiac arrest should put their names forward.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Kind regards 


EJ Fritz-Domeney

Tel: 023 80 465829 

JIB Shorncliffe Reunion

JIB Sir John Moore Barracks Shorncliffe Kent opened in September 1967

Dear ex Junior Soldier from JIB

I have been asked by three veterans from the DWR, to see if there is an appetite for a reunion this September 2017. 50 years ago the camp opened its gates to 1000, 15 year olds. The gathering would be for anyone that started out in JIB. All three of the DWR lads started their army careers off as junior solders in Sir John Moore Barracks.  I did myself.

I have had permission to host some kind of reunion from the Commanding officer 2RGR who are in the camp and presently in Afghanistan.

No work has taken place for this event as it would only go ahead if there was sufficient interest.

I am very aware of a successful association in existence that represents all past junior soldiers from all the old junior camps.

I am asking the C2 infantry in Warminster to kindly pass this to all RHQs and AHQs representing the infantry regiments, past and present, and for him to kindly push on to the regimental associations, belonging to regiments, that they have contact with this should in theory, hit the right spot. When and if you get this please think of others you have contact with and get back to me if you are interested.

My contacts are E:  Tel: 01748 822133

I work for the Yorkshire Regiment in an office, in the Green Howard Museum Richmond.

We could be looking at a really big response or nothing at all, big things can come from small ideas over a pint in a pub, lets see.

Major (Retired ) Ralph MM

xmas advert pdf 2016 page 001

Saturday 9th July 2016

The 50th Anniversary of the formation of The Royal Green Jackets

to be held at Sir John Moore Barracks, Winchester


Programme July 2016


 Fellow Riflemen,

A warm welcome to you all and to your families and friends, for this year’s Veterans’ Day Gathering. Many of you will have come a long way to be here this afternoon and it is much appreciated. You are amongst your friends, so I hope you will enjoy some of that old companionship that you once enjoyed when you were serving with us in uniform. 

As usual a lot has been laid on for you to give you the chance to find and meet up with old friends and to chat about old times in these very pleasant surroundings. We are, as ever, delighted to have the Band and Bugles of the RIFLES here with us tonight for the Sounding Retreat, which if nothing else will stir a few memories and remind us of the rich and unique heritage of our past. And it is particularly good to have some of our retired Association Buglers on parade here as well. 

These events don’t just happen. Major Roy Stanger, Ron Frampton and their team of volunteers from the Winchester Branch of our Association, have put in a huge amount of work on your behalf to organise this event. They do this for us superbly, every year, and without their enthusiasm, commitment and hard work, it just would not happen. 

A few moments ago we were stood by the Light Division Garden of Remembrance here in Sir John Moore Barracks for our short Service of Commemoration. I hope you will agree that it is a very worthy and peaceful place which allows us to remember the people, our fellow Riflemen, who are no longer with us, and who once served in the old Light Division. And again we have the Winchester Branch to thank, under their chairman,  Capt John Fitz-Domeney and his group of volunteers who look after it for us so well. Thank you to you all.

I am sure it won't have been lost on you that 2015 is a year of many Anniversaries. Some of them, such as the commemorations for the Battle of Waterloo, the Defence of Calais in 1940 and the Battle of Britain that followed, as well as the battles on the Western Front in the First World War 100 years ago, and the ending of the Second World War 70 years ago, all of these involved our Founding Regiments. 

It is also, I note, 1000 years since the Vikings invaded England under King Canute; it is 800 years since King John signed the Magna Carta, and 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt. Despite being one of the youngest Regiments in the Army, even we couldn't claim to have played a part in any of these events.  However, it is also 80 years ago that Elvis Presley, the “King” of rock and roll, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, 60 years since Birdseye first began selling fish fingers in Britain, and 40 years since the first episode of Fawlty Towers was broadcast on BBC Two. So we all have something to remember, regardless of how old we are, and that really is the point of today. We are all here today because we want to remember and care about your old friends, and the service you gave to your old Regiment and the country.

As a Regiment we do remember, too. Every year our Branches organise our Regimental participation in the Remembrance Day services across the country. 

The Central England Branch looks after our Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire which has been refurbished and repaired this year. And they organise our involvement, or represent us, in other National commemorative events that take place there every year, such as the Northern Ireland Veteran’s Association Service of Remembrance which is being held later this year on the 19th September. You are very much encouraged to take part in all these, …and the many other events, which take place throughout the year. See the Association’s Website for details.

I would encourage you, if you haven't done so already, to visit the Museum in Peninsula Barracks, and view the really excellent Waterloo exhibition, which was opened by the 9th Duke of Wellington in March this year. It runs until October so time is running out if you haven't seen it yet. The Exhibition memorably describes the key role played by our Founding Regiments in that great battle. You will also be able to view the newly commissioned painting by Jason Agnew, which shows the 52nd Light Infantry in their famous rout of the French Imperial Guard, and the cost of the painting was met entirely by the London Branch through their fundraising efforts. All of this has been masterminded by General Wallace who retires this year after 15 years at the helm as President of the Museum Trustees. He and the Museum staff have done a wonderful job over the past 15 years to make it into one of the country’s leading Military Museums. 

While you are in Peninsula Barracks, take a moment to look at the first of two Memorial Benches which are being placed outside the museum, and paid for by private subscription, which commemorate the many years of association that the Royal Green Jackets and their forebears had with the Rifle Depot. Most of us, I suspect, have fond memories of our first experience of being Riflemen in those impressive surroundings.

But perhaps the most important event for us to commemorate is the 50th Anniversary next year of the formation of the Royal Green Jackets. Just to remind you, it was on the 1st January 1966 that we came into existence and there will be many amongst you here today who were serving at the time and remember it well. 

So our Reunion next year will be a very special one, taking place here as usual at SJM Barracks, by kind permission of the Commanding Officer of the Army Training Regiment. Planning for it has been underway for some time and we are intending to go “all out”, to make it a day to remember. There will be at least three bands taking part, singers, displays, re-enactments, a car rally and lots of entertainment for all the family. Please make a point of being here on Saturday 9th July 2016. You won't be disappointed, and please go out and encourage others who you know to come along too.  

Before that, all the RIFLES Bands and Bugles, together with the Gurkha Band and their Pipers and Buglers, will be Sounding Retreat on Horse Guards Parade in London on 2nd & 3rd Jun 2016. Parades for Rifle Regiments on Horse Guards don't happen too often, and it’s always a memorable occasion when they do, so I encourage you to be there as well.

As part of our 50th Celebrations, we are looking to collect as many photographs as possible that record your experiences of serving in the Regiment on campaigns and operations now regarded as confined to history. You will find all the details on how to do this on the Association Website, as well as in a special Ezine Edition, which Kevin Stephens and his publishing team will be sending out shortly. Please go through your old albums and select the best ones, and send them in to the Website. Eventually they will form a part of the Museum’s archive collection and will be placed there for eternity. 

The Association Website is a most useful facility for you all to keep up to date and to see what is going on regimentally, across the country. And we want you to join in the many events and activities that are organised by the Branches for our Association members.

And can I say to the other 3,000 of you whose membership has lapsed or who have…for some inexplicable reason, chosen not to spend £10 on annual membership of the Association. To you I say put aside your apathy and join the Association or one of our Branches near you. Your old chums want to see more of you.

To end I would like to thank the CO and staff at the ATR here at SJM Barracks for again allowing us to use their facilities to hold our Reunions here. Winchester may be our spiritual home but we don’t have any special rights to use this barracks.

As you prepare to march past, and enjoy the Sounding of Retreat, spare a thought for those who are no longer with us, or as they say have “Gone to the Final RV” this year. As we all get older it is even more important to remember your friends and the happy days we were proud to spend as Riflemen.

Thank you for coming and I hope to see you all here on 9th July next year.  

Hugh Willing


Chairman RGJ Association





The attention of Association members is drawn to a series of new pages on the Museum web site at concerning the Museum’s Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary Exhibition in 2015.

Waterloo was a major event in the history of The Royal Green Jackets with the battle honour ‘Waterloo’ emblazoned on the Regiment’s cap badge. Two of the antecedent regiments of The Royal Green Jackets, the 52nd Light Infantry and the 95th Rifles, played a pivotal role during the battle. 

This Museum’s Bicentenary Exhibition, however, is about more than just Waterloo. It also covers the Road to Waterloo and the creation of the 5th/60th Rifles in 1797, the Corps of Experimental Rifleman armed with the Baker Rifle in 1800, and the designation of the 43rd and 52nd as light infantry regiments in 1803. The distinguished part played by all these regiments during the Peninsular War (1808-14) will be a major feature. So, too, will the creation of a multi-functional learning space which the Museum presently lacks.

No other regimental museum in the Country has such ambitious plans to mark the Bicentenary of Waterloo on 18 June 2015. However, it is going to cost a considerable amount of money to do all that needs to be done. The Museum, therefore, has launched a Waterloo 2015 Appeal to raise at least £100,000.

The Museum would be extremely grateful for all the support that Association members are able to give to the Appeal, individually or collectively as branches. Your contribution, however large or small, counts. This may be through donation, by sponsoring a medal or through organising fund-raising activities. Please visit the web site for further details.

Every donation will be individually acknowledged. Thank you. 

Please help us to commemorate a defining moment

in British and European history.


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