Weekend 2/3 May 2015


Another year has passed and the May bank holiday weekend is getting closer, emails to be sent hoping there will be replies, contact the Winchester Club, book the day order some food, hope no problems.

IMG 0310

I arrived at the club a little after midday, waiting in the car park Mike Sanger nice to see him (how does he keep such head of hair). Into the club and met the new stewardess Tesa, very nice lady.

IMG 0311

Slowly couples came in, some had informed me others just turned up. Beer being supped and a lot of catching up with some we haven’t seen in a while. About five o'clock some started to drift off, a few of us came back in the evening.

IMG 0314

Sunday at midday, eight remaining meet up at the club for Sunday lunch, we had a great afternoon and called it a day about six.


Monday afternoon George and Barbara Caldwell with Ken and Betty West came to our caravan up at Pitt, we had a BBQ. So ended our weekend, thanks to all who attended - see you next year.

People who attended,

Ken & Sandra Swann, Ken & Betty West, George & Barbara Caldwell, Roy & Sandra Strange, John & Pat Napier, Terry & Jane Bailey, Bill Mathieson, Alan Wallis, Mike Sanger.

Apologies from,

Jack Leeming, Kevin Freematle, Ken Ducan and Bob Helm.

Last thing there must be younger members of the 3rd Battalion Band out there , if you are thinking of coming along send me an email, also talk to anybody you are in touch with, maybe next year we will have some new faces.

Looking forward to next year


Ken Swann

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